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Sombrero Mexican Food

Our Epic Burrito Deal is Back!

Hey there Sombrero Squad! Happy New Year! To celebrate, we’re thrilled to bring back our crowd-pleasing Burrito Deal that’s sure to rock your taste buds!

Imagine this: a sizzling, flavor-packed burrito matched perfectly with a regular-sized drink, all at an incredible price of $10.89. Sound tempting? Trust us, it tastes even better!

Burrito Bliss: A Feast of Flavors

We’ve got something for everyone with our fantastic array of burrito options:

1. Mix Burrito:

A blend of flavors that’s off-the-charts delicious! It’s a medley of meats and savories that’ll have you coming back for more.

2. Chicken Burrito:

Juicy, tender chicken seasoned to perfection, wrapped snugly in a warm tortilla with a mix of complementary ingredients.

3. Veggie Burrito:

Veggies galore! This vegetarian wonder is a riot of colors and flavors, promising a fresh and delightful experience.

4. Fish Burrito:

Calling all seafood enthusiasts! Our fish burrito is jam-packed with tender fish fillets and a delightful blend of spices.

5. Chorizo Burrito:

Spice up your day with our chorizo burrito! It’s a flavor-packed party featuring zesty chorizo sausage that’ll knock your socks off.

Take It Up a Notch with the Burrito Deal Combo

Wanna level up your burrito game? Opt for our Burrito Deal Combo upgrade for just $2.00 more. You’ll get a generous serving of our mouthwatering rice and flavorful beans, taking your taste buds on a flavor rollercoaster.

Why Sombrero Mexican Food Rocks:

1. Authentic Vibes:

We’re all about keeping it real with flavors straight from the heart of Mexico. Every bite is a taste of authenticity!

2. Fresh, Top-Quality Ingredients:

Only the freshest and finest ingredients make it to your plate. Quality is our middle name!

3. Wallet-Friendly Vibes:

Our Burrito Deal isn’t just a meal; it’s a steal! You get a bellyful of goodness without breaking the bank.

4. Warm and Welcoming:

Step into Sombrero Mexican Food, and you’re stepping into our casa. We’ll treat you like familia!

Ready to Fiesta?

Whether you’re flying solo or bringing your entire squad, our Burrito Deal is your ticket to a flavor-packed fiesta! Swing by for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any time in between—your taste buds will thank you, and we’ll be here to welcome you back for more!

Get in on the delicious action and treat yourself to our epic Burrito Deal today. Vamos, let’s eat!

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