Exciting News and Additions to Our Sombrero Rewards Program!

Sombrero Rewards infographic
Sombrero Rewards infographic

Hey there, Sombrero squad!

We hope this blog post finds you in good spirits and ready for some thrilling news from your favorite San Diego-style Mexican food spot – Sombrero Mexican Food! We’ve been cooking up something special in our kitchen, and we’re thrilled to announce not one, but two sizzling hot additions to our already awesome Rewards Program.

? Introducing the Churro Reward!

First up, let’s talk about something sweet – our brand-new Churro Reward! Picture this: 25 points in your account, and bam! You’ve just earned yourself a FREE churro. It’s our way of saying gracias for being a loyal part of the Sombrero family. Because who can resist the crispy, cinnamon goodness of a free churro? Available as classic cinnamon sugar, or filled with strawberry or creme. 

Earn 1 free churro for every 25 rewards points
Earn one free churro for every 25 rewards points

? The Combo Reward – A Fiesta on a Plate!

But that’s not all, amigos! We’ve also spiced things up with the Combo Reward. Clock in at 160 points, and you’ve hit the jackpot – a FREE COMBO! That’s right, a full-fledged fiesta on a plate, complete with your favorite dishes all in one satisfying meal. It’s the ultimate reward for those of you who can’t decide between your favorite Sombrero staples.

Earn one free combo meal for every 160 rewards points
Earn one free combo meal for every 160 rewards points

?️ Burrito OR Bowl
Additionally, we added more customization to the 120-point level, as you can now choose between a free burrito OR a free bowl, so you can choose whatever San Diego Style favorite you’re in the mood for.

Now, let’s break down all the rewards so you can start earning and enjoying the perks. Remember, every single dollar you spend corresponds to 1 point in your account!

  • 25 Points = FREE churro
  • 40 Points = FREE DRINK
  • 80 Points = FREE TACO
  • 120 Points = FREE BURRITO OR BOWL
  • 160 Points = FREE COMBO

We’re not just offering food; we’re serving up experiences and expressions of our gratitude for your continued support. Whether you’re a taco aficionado, a burrito buff, or just someone with a sweet tooth for churros, our Rewards Program has something for everyone.

So, how do you start earning those points? It’s as easy as enjoying your favorite dishes at Sombrero Mexican Food. Every visit, and every order gets you closer to unlocking these fantastic rewards.

And if you’re wondering how many points you already have – be sure to download our free Sombrero app on either the iOS or Android/Google Play stores for the easiest way to earn and claim your rewards! Spread the word, tell your friends, and let the Sombrero Rewards Fiesta begin! Make sure you’re signed up for our rewards program, and start earning those points today.

We can’t wait to see you at Sombrero, enjoying your well-deserved freebies! Adiós for now, and happy eating

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