Unleash the Flavor Fiesta: Join Sombrero’s Rewards Program for Exclusive Treats! ??

Hey there, Flavor Fanatics!

At Sombrero, we’re all about spicing up your dining experience, and what better way to amp up the flavor fiesta than by introducing you to our sizzling-hot Rewards Program! ?

Why Join the Sombrero Rewards Squad?

? Freebies Galore

Case in point – our upcoming Veterans Day celebration! We’ve loaded a FREE Churro into the accounts of our amazing Rewards Squad members. It’s our little way of saying, “Hey, you’re awesome, and we appreciate you!” ?

? Exclusive Access

Imagine being in the front row for all the exciting news and exclusive offers. Well, as a part of our Rewards Squad, you get the VIP treatment. Be the first to know about new menu items, events, and special promotions designed just for you!

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The more you indulge in Sombrero goodness, the more points you rack up. And guess what? Points mean more free treats, discounts, and surprises. It’s a win-win for your taste buds and your wallet!

How to Join the Squad

Becoming a member of our Rewards Squad is as easy as devouring your favorite taco! ? Simply click this link or download the Sombrero app, sign up, and voilà – you’re in! Oh, did we mention there’s a little welcome treat waiting for you just for signing up? ?

The Churro is Just the Beginning

Our upcoming Veterans Day Churro giveaway is just a sneak peek into the amazing promotions we have in store. But you’ll only get the full scoop if you’re part of the Rewards Squad!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Sombrero Rewards Squad, and let the flavor journey begin!

Cheers to good times and great flavors!

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